Spotify Playlist example


Although it seems quite simple, it can sometimes be challenging. This is especially true when you do not know where to find important information. Here is an example with Spotify. You must first copy the link to a song, album, or playlist.

1. Bring up Spotify on your phone
2. Copy the link to the playlist of your choice. To copy the link, go to the menu in the top right corner (the three dots). Go to “Share”, and “Copy Link”. This is probably the most difficult step.
3. Open the onetouchlabel via NFC, where you touch the chip
4. Copy the link to the clipboard. To do so you will need to hold your finer down in the link field for a couple of seconds. Then choose “Copy” from the context menu
5. Enter the security key that was communicated to you or that was included, e.g. 1234
6. Enter the information, and your #onetouchlabel is complete!
7. Bring up your songs with the onetouchlabel. (To bring up Spotify directly you can use the tuomi AppChooser, which can be downloaded from the Play Store).

You can now bring up your #onetouchlabel Spotify playlist any time you want.
Should you want to link your onetouchlabel to a specific artist’s playlist or album, the process is the same: Choose the album, retrieve the link from the menu, copy, paste, and enjoy!

Song/Album/Playlist suchen
Link teilen
Link kopieren